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Metal Enclosures: Interscale M by nVent Schroff

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A flexible electrical enclosure solution that helps you cut costs and speed up integration times

Besides of its sensitive pricing, Interscale M is convincing with high quality and meets above all the high standards of technical expertise for which Schroff is branded.

  • Very fast (dis) assembly, with only 2 screws
  • Immediate access to the PCB
  • Shorter integration time by a simple plug-in mechanism and optimized accessories
  • Integrated EMC shielding
  • Individual look through modifications
Cost effective and most flexible fixing system for first prototypes of PCBs. Click for details
Embedded NUC enclosures

Plastic Enclosures by Fibox: High performance in hostile environments

Fibox enclosures

The Fibox range of enclosures provides the designer with over 800 choices for packaging electrical and electronics equipment.

A selected range is available to BUY ONLINE, for the full catalogue of Fibox enclosures and to request quotations please get in touch.

  • Comply with EM60529 (IEC529), UL50 & UL5C
  • Easy to use and flexible enclosures
  • IP66, NEMA 4X E & 6P Ratings
  • Cost effective tooling for non-standard enclosures