Subracks Accessories & Components

EuropacPRO 19" Bracket for Stainless Steel Gasket, Type F, Handle Holes, 6 U
19" bracket is bolted laterally with the side panel to the horizontal rail For stainless steel ..
£12.40 exc vat
EuropacPRO 19" Bracket for Textile Gasket, Type F, Handle Holes, 6 U
19" bracket is bolted laterally with the side panel to the horizontal rail For textile EMC gask..
£12.40 exc vat
EuropacPRO Cover Plate for Bolting to Side Panel, 63 HP, 295 mm
For variable positioning of horizontal rails e.g. for PCBs with standard formats Perforation de..
£27.10 exc vat
EuropacPRO Cover Plate, Universal, 84 HP, 175 mm
Shielding is provided by optional EMC stainless steel gaskets, between cover plate and side panel..
£26.35 exc vat
EuropacPRO Divider Plate, 3 U, 160 mm
Mounts by clipping into horizontal rails Space requirement on component side: 2.0 mm Fit..
£8.95 exc vat
EuropacPRO EMC Shielding Kit, Cover Plate to Horizontal Rail, Stainless Steel, 42 HP, 10 Pieces
Stainless steel gasket is clipped into horizontal rail and forms the contact cover plate Fits a..
£16.35 exc vat
Front Handle One-Piece, Width 12.2 mm, Clear Anodized, 69 mm
Static load-carrying capacity 30 kg/pair Bolted from rear Product Type: Handle Wor..
£6.04 exc vat
Horizontal Rail Insulation Strip, 42 HP, PC
For insulated mounting of backplanes or metal plates as supports for connectors Creates standar..
£7.72 exc vat
Horizontal Rail, Front, Type L-OD, Light, Without Lip, 28 HP
For installation behind full-width front panel < 28 HP not to print Without lip (L-OD) A..
£3.63 exc vat
Horizontal Rail, Rear, Center, Type MZ, With Z-Rail, 84 HP
For directly mounting connectors complying with EN 60603 (DIN 41612) Aluminum extrusi..
£9.56 exc vat
Horizontal Rail, Rear, Center, Type ST, Standard, 28 HP
For indirect backplane mounting with insulation strip Aluminum extrusion, anodized surface, con..
£3.22 exc vat
Mounting Plate Assembly Kit for Chassis
For all types of mounting plates offered for subracks or RatiopacPRO cases Product Type: Assemb..
£1.57 exc vat
Mounting Plate for 19" Case and Subrack, 42 HP, 340 mm Board Length
For assembly of heavy components Mounting plate, full width: The mounting plate is as wide as t..
£20.75 exc vat
MultipacPRO 19" Chassis, Steel, AlZn, Plain Top and Base, 1 U, 280 mm
Steel (AIZn coated) with Al extrusion front panel Detachable front and rear panel for easy mach..
£50.70 exc vat
MultipacPRO Cover Plate for Euroboards Horizontal Mounting, 340 mm
Cover plate with drilled holes for horizontal mounting of euroboards (EN 60603) Cover plat..
£20.95 exc vat
MultipacPRO Front Handle, One-Piece, Width 10 mm, 1 U
Load-carrying capacity 30 kg/pair Assembly on the front panel Can be used for the aluminium o..
£13.15 exc vat